Dublin's Pub : Urban legend?

Eack in those days, the Dublin's Pub was the most popular pub in all of Dublin.

People came to the Dublin's Pub for the atmosphere, to meet up with friends, and above all, to drink its famous Dublin's Pub cider. Paddy Loadness, the owner of the establishment, brewed it each and every evening in the basement, under the amused look of his son Matthew and his bulldog, Farry, the official security guard of the cider works. Every time Matthew asked his dad to share the recipe for Dublin's Pub cider with him, the elder Loadness would reply:
« Son, when the time comes, I'll show you. You'll carry on the tradition. But only when the time comes. »

For Paddy Loadness jealously kept the recipe for this precious nectar all to himself. He had written it down once, on an old, yellowed piece of paper he had meticulously buried in the ground, under Barrack 13.

« Son, when the time comes, I'll show you. You'll carry on the tradition. But only when the time comes. »

He had trained Farry the Bulldog to pick up the scent of that piece of paper from miles around. And since that famous recipe was indelibly etched into Paddy's heart and mind, he had completely forgotten where he had stashed it.

One stormy evening, thunder struck the Dublin's Pub. From far away, a great flame was seen emblazoning the night sky. Everywhere one turned, Farry's spine-tingling barking filled the air. He took refuge in the cider works already engulfed in flames. Minutes seemed like hours. The Dubliners held their breath. Paddy never walked out of the pub... At long last, Farry emerged, holding in his mouth the precious scrap of yellowed paper bearing the recipe. He laid it down at Matthew's feet.

No one has ever figured out how this odd dog managed to save the secret recipe. Rumours began to circulate that he had special powers. Nothing was ever proven, but Farry lived to the ripe old age of 102 and tagged along Matthew like a shadow until his death.

And so it is that since that time, and inspired by the legend, Dublin's Pub brews the best Irish pub-style apple cider in town, just as Paddy would have wanted.